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Mission Statement: We seek to help families dealing with high & special needs find a community where they feel accepted, loved, and supported through their journey.


Finding an Oasis was created by parents who were tired of being tired, worn out, and lonely. When parents who were each going through their own journey with their own  kiddos found each other, it started something amazing. A friendship that surpasses the superficial and becomes family because of a unique bond we share. We wanted this for everyone. No family should have to feel isolated or alone in their journey with high or special needs.

Thus Finding an Oasis was born after much talk and collaboration, as a way to bring the community of high and special needs together. Each of the founding members has their own unique story:


Kimberly: I always wanted kids. I dreamt of having kids one day. So when I found out I was pregnant 7 days after my 30th Birthday, I was ecstatic!!! The pregnancy was fairly uneventful until the end when our little girl refused to flip. I had a slight issue with amniotic fluid levels being low, and we finally had a healthy baby girl via C-Section.

Her baby years were pretty simple. She was easily amused and often just sat taking in her surroundings. As she got older we began to notice temper issues, feeding issues, and at times sleeping issues.

We had an evaluation at 16 months which lead to nothing at the time. 8 months later, behind on talking, she was accepted for help with speech and about 3 months later help with sensory issues.

It’s been a long road, and we have since seen many therapists, evaluations, doctors, and behavior modification programs. We are getting there. It is a long journey, one we will fight along side her for the rest of her life.

Having a community of mom’s who “get it” can be amazing. Maybe you feel like you don’t know exactly where you belong yet. I want you to know, you will always have a place at Finding an Oasis. Special needs, High needs… we look at all our kiddos with amazement at the feats they accomplish everyday, no matter how big or small. All our special in our group <3