Welcome to the community!!! We’re glad you found us. In this community, you will find parents and kids from those with “high” needs to those with special needs. Everyone is welcome. As a mother of a “high needs” preschooler, I totally get how it can feel when you are in between the “normal” and the “special needs” categories. So there is a special section just for those of you with high needs family members. We will also be adding sections on diagnoses soon. This may help you pinpoint ideas and also people who can help you along on this journey.

We have a resources tab where you will find links to amazing websites and products that have helped us through our journey thus far. We will be updating that at least monthly and adding great links we think you should know about.

We also have a Marketplace. We believe that part of support is helping families find their new normal. For some that has meant quitting their day jobs, or finding jobs that require less time from them. Often this comes with a price, a loss in income. The Marketplace is a place where moms & dads with home-based businesses can be found, Take a few minutes to check it out, go through some of the links and see how these men & women have found alternative ways to help their families live amazing lives. Many have a recruitment option, so if you are thinking about starting a home-based business of your own, check out these amazing people and see if what they have to offer you is what you are looking for.

Again, we are glad you stopped by, please, browse, learn, then pass on this amazing community to others. Let’s help everyone in their journey to Finding An Oasis.